The Hermitage Santa Barbara


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"A ten acre wonderland few have ever seen."
The Los Angeles Times

"An elegant book…a tantalizing mystery of art and botanical wonders in Santa Barbara's backyard. An inspiration for gardeners determined to decorate their yards using a personal touch with colorful plants and whimisical art."
The Santa Barbara News Press

"It's quite a whimsical garden with a nimiety of unusual statuary, but it's also an interesting gathering of flora. If you like gardens, streams, ponds, waterfalls, sculpture (unbelievable), and a myriad of plant types, this place is worth a visit...through the pages of this book."
Cactus and Succulent Journal

"...Is as rich and eccentric a book as the garden it describes, full of color and life, the offbeat and the unexpected. far from being an extended photo essay only, it includes a wonderfully quirky and highly detailed text by its creator and owner. His is a smart, funny and very personal voice, and by the time he has taken you through the garden he built over two decades, you feel like a close friend and confidante whom he has trusted to appreciate what he loves. It's hard not to feel, by the book's end, as if you have been welcomed into it by a blithe and generous spirit."
—Susan Heeger, co-author of From Seed to Skillet

Photos copyright © by Mary Andrews, Susan Levin, Bob Haller, Marlene Khoury and Stephen G. Schott